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YES You Can Be Successful Financially AND Still Keep Your Authenticity!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Some clients love talking about money.

They see it as a way to keep track of success, a reward for hard work. They can look at a P&L and immediately know what’s up and how to make a business better.

But most passion-driven entrepreneurs aren’t like that. Start talking sales and they look at the floor. Start fidgeting in their seats.

It makes them uncomfortable...but why?

Most women choose to start ventures because…

...they see how to do something better…

...they want to help others...

...they desire a better life for them or their families.

I’ve been in coaching sessions where clients will flat out tell me “It’s not about the money! Just help me get to X,Y,Z.”

That’s the thing though. It is about the money.

Sales help us grow. They help us sustain ourselves and they help us thrive. There’s nothing selfish about wanting to own a business that also provides for your lifestyle.

Your passion? It’s great. It will drive you far ahead of others on the road to success.

But passion alone still isn’t enough to get you there.

Successful entrepreneurs? They know this is true.

It’s ok to be passionate about a lot of things. But building lasting success? It comes from focusing on what what your market needs...not just what your passion is.

Sales matter. Revenue matters. Paying your bills and having enough left over for yourself matters!

But, how can passion make a profit?

Your Passion Is Your Brand

Don’t be afraid of branding a business around your passion.

That fire inside of you that makes you dream of striking out on your own? It’s the same fire that will attract others to your cause.

Ladies, too many times we make the mistake of believing our passion isn’t “big enough” to brand our business. You don’t have to save the entire world to make it a better place. Small changes driven by big passion lead to great success.

The point is your passion is uniquely yours and should be the message behind your brand.

Have a great idea but are having trouble communicating it to others?

This is where hiring a writer, a brand expert, or a business coach can really help you connect the pieces.

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