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Does this sound familiar?

You wasted time and money on strategies that don’t work?

You struggle without a guide to help you grow your business?


It's confusing what steps to take to successfully launch, fund, and grow your business?

You're overwhelmed trying to access the capital you need and where to get it?


You feel stuck and unable to figure out which steps to take next?


Did you know that 50-80% of businesses fail within their first 5 years of operation? 

50% of women-owned businesses fail in just 5 years due to lack of funding

64% of new

women-owned businesses were started by women of color in 2020

Women-founded companies in First Round Capital’s portfolio outperformed companies founded by men by 63%

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    don’t have to do it alone.


I know how difficult it is to launch your business without someone by your side to show you the way. Worse, you’re wasting a ton of time and money not knowing what step is next so you feel stuck.

I'm Monica Taylor and I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be so hard. I'm here to help! I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, Launched Start-ups, worked with fortune 500 companies and for the past 5 years I’ve coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs to successfully launch & Grow their businesses and secure the Funding they needed to get it done.


When you have a guide by your side, you will have the tools and resources you need, you’ll know what to do next, and your business will grow. 


Imagine how confident and empowered you’ll feel when your living your dream making more money than you ever thought possible and…running a business you love!

Monica understands the Unique challenges we face as women of knowing our worth. I watch her constantly add dimension to businesses to create growth and new streams of income you didn't see.

- Mary Alice Stephenson/ CEO/ Stylist/ Fashion Editor/ Founder of Glam4Good



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Your Business Lauch


Step 1:

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Download THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT: For a simple

step-by-step Business Plan to launch your business.

Step 2:

Asset 4@2x.png


We work together to help you get the FUNDING 

you need to take your business to the next level.

Step 3:

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Feel confident and empowered as you GROW a successful and profitable business in under a year.

a Profitable Business


All you need is someone to show you the way.

Launch your business successfully


Have a better understanding on how to run a profitable business


Use a step-by-step roadmap you can easily follow 


Access new tools, resources, and opportunities to grow your business


Get access to funding you never knew existed


Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered with a coach you can trust


Here’s what my clients have to say…


Monica helps you get clear on what you need to Grow your business, she has a process and it works! Trust She wants the best for you.

— Italie Murphy/Influencer/ Real Estate Agent/ Entrepreneur 


The Shit works. Powerful and without judgment. I consistently recommend my clients to Monica. She can zero in on WHY you are feeling "Stuck” with laser accuracy.

— Hank Norman/ COO 2marketmedia/Coach

Headshot 20 - Melissa Mitchner.jpg

The BluePrint walked me through important questions I needed to be able to answer to get ready for Investors. Worth the investment!

-- Melissa Mitchner/ Owner "The Bark Shoppe”

What I Offer


The Business Plan

The Launch BluePrint

This simple step-by-step blueprint walks you through how to create your Investor & Pitch ready business plan in a single weekend.


Rent My Brain 

Coaching Options

Work with me and get a partner, ongoing support and access to my Team! We help you launch, fund, & grow you're business or Startup.


Access To Funding 

Apply For Capital & Incubator

Learn what funding options & opportunities are available for you're business & Startup/

Also apply for our Incubator

Find out Your Entrepreneur Personality Type

Want to take the first step to growing a successful business? Then you’ve got to know what you’re good at and where you have room to improve. That’s why I developed this quiz, to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and figure out where to go from there. 


Learn which entrepreneur personality type you are to discover unnamed barriers, inspire strengths, and break through resistance holding you from achieving the goals you want. 

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         How You Launch, Fund,

and Grow Your Business!


A platform where Female Entrepreneurs have access to resources, tools and funding to build and run successful businesses.

Launch, Fund, and Grow the Business



Remove the roadblocks that are blocking you from living your dreams with a step-by-step plan and a business coach that you can trust.

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