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I'm Monica Taylor, and I'm your success multiplier. When I say you can build your dream business in any circumstance I mean that from the heart. My own Journey came with barrier after barrier. I didn’t start with a family name and I wasn’t a trust-fund baby. I learned fast and made mistakes.

There’s never going to be a "perfect" time to start your dream. That’s why I specialize in helping women jump over economic hurdles, break through their identity barriers, and come into their full worthiness by building profitable brands and businesses.


Spa Owner, Esthetictian 


Anchor, Reporter News 12

"Monica helped me immediately figure out what wasn’t working by following “The BluePrint” it became so clear and less overwhelming. Monica helped me help myself." 

"Every now and then we have to ‘Check In’ with ourselves personally and professionally. Monica can immediately help you figure out what the next step is. She helps you get honest with yourself"

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