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Business Plan

The New                                

                                Blue Print

A Blueprint to Simplify Launching Your Business & Accelerate Your Profits

How Do I Get Started?

Want a business plan created with the same formula used by successful start-ups and founders that attracts investors and sets you up to generate profits in the first year? We simplified it with a step by step conversational digital business plan that is professional, provides equity and is easy to navigate in a language you can understand and it can all be completed in a single night!


This is the one digital business plan that empowers founders and start-ups with the same formula used by successful entrepreneurs to attract investors and set you up to make millions in the first few years! We simplified it with a step by step business plan that is clear and adaptable in a language you can understand and... it can all be completed in a single weekend!

Young Businesswomen


  • Do you have a great idea but often struggle with how to make money from it?

  • Do you have trouble communicating a clear vision of your business or brand?

  • Do you struggle with finances, funding and understanding the numbers?

  • Do you already have a business and struggle to scale it up and increase your profit?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating a business plan?

  • Are you a business coach who needs help forecasting  your clients chances at success?

What makes THIS BUSINESS PLAN special:

  • Helps you develop business structure, create brand narratives, and understand competition and finances.

  • Easy to fill in template with helpful links, suggestions, and prompts, which can be updated and used again and again.

  • We made the financials easy to understand with four models to work with & choose from.

  • Understand the unique advantages of your idea and how you will make money from it before you even start.

  • Reduce your risk of failure by knowing exactly what your cost, expenses, and profits will be the first year.

  • This product was created and vetted by investors to help you answer the most important questions and get you funded quicker.

Holding Tablet Computer

Here’s what my clients have to say...

Cevie Toure

I would not have gotten this far along in my very first business

if it was not for Monica's

coaching. When it came to

Funding she helped me see

my worth, From deep in my

heart I am grateful for Monica.

--Cevie Toure/ Functional Nutritionist/ Private Chef

Henry Calcano

Monica helped me immediately figure out how to bring in additional income and build off the success of my reality show. She had answers and it saved me time and money .

-Henry Calcano, Stylist, Reality show star, Owner of

"House of Dolls by Henry” 

Kelley Hardwick .jpeg

I watched the world's best athlete's enlist the help of mental coaches. Monica helps you fill in the missing pieces that can take you from good to great. Smart investment with endless dividends"

—Kelley Hardwick/ Lawyer/Former NBA Executive/ Entrepreneur

How To Beat The Odds....

If the odds are stacked against start-ups, how do some entrepreneurs always strike gold, idea after idea...launch after launch? Are they born smarter than the rest of us? More intuitive? Do they just get lucky?  No, the answer isn’t luck- it’s strategy.

For years, I’ve launched successful businesses, products, and syndicated television shows. The difference between a money-making venture and a failure is simply one thing: Choosing the right idea and understanding how to make money from it before you start!


Today most female owned businesses are self-funded or use non-traditional start-up capital without the guidance of experienced investors or mentors. That means this: The risk of choosing the right idea falls on YOU- the entrepreneur.


The problem is this: traditional planning tools would have you invest hundreds of hours filling out MBA-level documents and sinking hundreds- if not thousands- of dollars into research ​before you know IF your idea works. 

Here’s the thing... these tools are outdated. You don’t have the time or the resources to throw away waiting to find out if your idea will work.


Just Follow Along...


Successful Serial Entrepreneurs Understand They Need To Know​ Just 3 Things To Start a Business...

#1. How will your idea make money? 


#2. How long will it take for this idea             to make a profit?


#3. How do I communicate this idea             with investors, collaborators, or               partners?

That’s where our investor ready business plan 

THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT comes in. It’s designed so you can instantly test your ideas, communicate your pitch and figure out the finances for your dream start-up business. AND if you’re a coach or consultant who needs it for their dozens of private clients….The New Digital Business Plan is fully editable and can be used again and again. Hit ‘Print’ and compare the results, to discover the best option for your clients start-up.

The Best Part?

This isn’t a grueling course or a 100-page ebook. THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT is a two-part business plan tool you can complete in a single weekend. It strips away unnecessary fillers and leads you step by step through creating a cohesive business narrative and a strong financial plan for your idea.  


Once you download this tool, you can use it again and again!  Print, clear, and fill as many times as you need. Designed as an easy-fill template, you can use this business plan again and again to equip yourself with the financial statements and confident narratives you need to structure and start your business right away.


THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT can be used by most types of business structures. Start strong knowing you aren’t wasting time or money on an idea that is ​almost right. ​

What's Included...

Ready to wake up tomorrow and start your dream business? Then you need our business plan THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT. Here's what you get...

A Conversational Guide, Walking You Through:

      ○ Talking About Your Business Structure

      ○ Creating a Compelling Brand Narrative

      ○ Understanding Your Competition

      ○ And How to Adjust Your Financials for the                BEST Starting Year

An Easy Fill-in Template: Links, suggestions and prompts to help your business find its voice. 

Follow in the path of successful startups: 

create a business lan vetted and created around the information investors want to know most.

Four financial Templates: choose the financial template that's best for your business model and immediately see your idea’s profitability. The other templates are yours to keep! Use them for your second business.


You'll be able to......

Learn as you go: Drop down menu for each question gives a simple easy to understand explanation and suggestion to fill in the template so you can complete your business plan with confidence and ease. 

Plug-and-print capability: Your new digital business plan can be used again and again so you have the power to test and compare variations of your idea side-by-side.

Designed to be completed in just one night! A no-pressure, easy-to-use tool, perfect for visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to start, with no pressure! Take as long as you need building your Million dollar business. Just hit save!

And....A​ special discount on or a 1-to-1 follow-up coaching session.  I ONLY offer this to people who have purchased and completed THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT! Get access to personalized answers and strengthen your launch by tapping into my industry expertise.

  Work with my team of A-list niche experts and freelancers I’ve personally verified, hired, and loved working with throughout my latest launch.


Questions? Want to know more? ​Watch this video showing our new business plan

THE LAUNCH BLUEPRINT ​or send me an email here to reach out:


Is This New Business Plan Right for Me?

Great question, this tool is perfect for you if…


● You’ve tried traditional business plan tools, but get overwhelmed and frustrated trying to translate the terms, questions & jargon without an MBA! Visionary companies rarely start with business-school degrees. The New Digital Business Plan is conversational, straight-forward, and walks you through all the essentials in the same language I use with my private coaching services.


● You’ve been on the fence about starting a business...but want a professional insight on how risky it is before you take the first step. The risk of failure is the #1 reason most aspiring entrepreneurs never get off the ground. While you can never eliminate your risk, you’re right in thinking that there are ways of reducing it. This tool will help. This product comes with four specialized financial calculators tailored to ecommerce, service-based, retail, and online service style businesses.


● You have a business- but want to know how adding a product line or changing directions would change your profitability.  Make the most of your existing business and stay on top by using the Business Blueprint to turn “what ifs” into real, bottom-line results.


“What if I added a second location?”

“What if I expanded into a new market?”

“What if I bought out my competitor?”


● You have a business idea, but want to test different scenarios to see how you should start first.  You have big dreams for your business, but you aren’t sure where to start. Should you jump right into your dream studio...or build out e-commerce first?  Can you afford to hire help coding to reach an important  deadline? The Business Blueprint is fully editable and can be used again and again. Run the numbers and create a plan for all the possibilities. Hit “print” and compare the results, side by side, to discover the best option for your startup.

The Launch Blueprint is NOT the right tool for you if... 

  • It’s not your idea holding you’s your ​situation. The Business Blueprint is a tool, not a cure-all. Be honest with yourself. If you see all the numbers come together on paper, would you still find an excuse to not start? It’s ok. You're not the first aspiring entrepreneur who has been driven to start a new life because you feel stuck in your career or your personal life.  But let’s address that deeper dialogue ​first.​ Before

buying this tool, check out my personalized ​Get Unstuck ​or ​1 on 1 Coaching ​

service. My first priority? Is getting you in the right mindset for success before

nailing down the details of your business strategy.


  • You need specialized help in your start-up process. If you’re ready to start but need specific help on finding investors, pitching and presentation, hiring specialized help, etc.- the Business Blueprint might be a great start but may not go deep enough. Before you download, schedule a 15 minute call here and we’ll talk about where you are and how my team and I can help you accelerate your business launch.

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