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Products & Services

Every entrepreneur and every woman is unique. That’s why I tailor my offerings to fit your unique needs. Choose the product or service that best fits with your business needs and start building and growing your business today.

The Launch BluePrint

This is a step by step, learn as you go investor and pitch ready BUSINESS PLAN TOOL for entrepreneurs to instantly see profitability, create investor ready pitches, and finalize your business just a single weekend. You will be able to:

Describe your business’ framework in         professional, industry terms

Understand your idea unique advantages and how to use them to dazzle your market

Break down who your competition is and how to shoot past them during start-up

Reduce your risk of failure by knowing exactly what your business will make in the first year of operation

Business Consultation

"Monica hit it out the park with “The BluePrint” as someone who has started several businesses,  this product makes it simple and increases your chances at success"      

 — Clayton Durant , CEO, Writer,  Music Man /

Clayton Durant.jpeg

What I Offer


The Business Plan

The Launch BluePrint

This simple step-by-step blueprint walks you through how to create your Investor & Pitch ready business plan in a single weekend.


Rent My Brain 

Coaching Options

Work with me and get a partner, ongoing support and access to my Team! We help you launch, fund, & grow you're business or Startup.


Access To Funding 

Apply For Capital & Incubator

Learn what funding options & opportunities are available for you're business & Startup/

Also apply for our Incubator

Here’s what my clients have to say...


She always helps me think things through and figure out how to create profits.

— Levar Fisher/ Ex- NFL player/ Speaker/ Author

Kim Parker

Monica helps women figure out what they want for their business and how to then get it. Her process works!

— Kim Parker

   Lawyer & Activist

Brenton Lee .jpeg

Monica helps you get a new perspective, see a bigger picture. Trust the process

— Brenton Lee/Executive chef/ DB grill



Get a head start by downloading these resources today!

Free e-Book

5 No Bullshit Principles for Every Entrepreneur

Free Checklist

5 Step Roadmap to Launching Your Business

Free Quiz

Find out Your Entrepreneur Personality Type

The absolutely 100% necessary principles for entrepreneurs. A must-read if you want to grow your business 5X year-over-year!

An easy-to-follow checklist that will show you what you need to launch your business in 5 simple steps!

Discover unnamed barriers, inspire strengths, and break through resistance holding you from achieving the goals you want. 

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