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To Do or To Delegate? Hire OUT What’s Holding You Back

Let me ask you a question...when was the last time you didn’t feel overwhelmed?

How many projects have you started off burnt out before they even took off?

Do you feel like you spend all your time answering emails and facebook messages, putting out fires, and never have the energy or time to push to the next level? I get it.

There is NO ONE busier than a woman managing her own venture. Here’s the thing, ‘busy’ doesn’t have to mean ‘stressed’.

If my first thought when I wake up is ‘I’m stressed’, it’s a BIG red flag that I’m spending time doing too many unimportant tasks.

This is an easy pit to fall into when starting a new business. You want to be involved in EVERYTHING. You sweep the floors, answer every email, sign for every package that arrives...This type of activity makes up the mythology surrounding the romanticism to being an entrepreneur.

But, it isn’t the best way to leverage your talent...or your time.

If you want to be successful this time next year, and the decade after, you MUST start delegating! The sooner you take steps towards freeing your time, the better you can lead your business to lasting stability.

If you’ve had ideas fall through in the past, it’s time to focus on your strengths as a visionary and delegate the rest.

Why Vision Queens NEED To Delegate

Let’s be clear: YOU had the vision to start this business.

That means,

‘You are the only person who can move your business forward.’

If you spend your time ‘housekeeping’, who is leading your venture to the next step? No one!


Sometimes, we don’t let go of small tasks because we’re afraid someone else won’t do it as good as us. My response?

Get real. There are a lot of people out there who can answer basic emails, schedule calls, and update websites. Stop wasting your creative energy. Free your time for the big stuff and have someone else take care of the daily upkeep.

I also have clients who are afraid to delegate because they don’t know exactly WHAT to delegate! I get don’t want to waste money hiring someone when you yourself don’t know how to get from Point A to Point B.

But that’s what professionals are for.

You’re an expert on YOUR VISION. Don’t be afraid to partner with other experts to make it happen!

Would you spend years becoming an accountant, a web developer, a SEO content or social media manager, so you can single-handedly do everything your business needs to succeed? No!

Start thinking of yourself as a “Vision Manager”. It’s not your job to do everything. Your job is to find the best people you can and delegate how to get it done.

Entrepreneurs who don’t delegate set themselves up for massive burnout. Or worse, their ideas never get off the ground.

So, where should you start?

Three Things to Start Delegating RIGHT NOW

Let’s make a pact that after this weekend, you aren’t going to wake up feeling overwhelmed again.

On board? Great. Here’s what I need you do,

#1. Hire An Accountant

You might be thinking….“Of course, I already have someone do my taxes.”

But a great accountant isn’t just for tax season, they help you understand your venture all year long.

My accountant inputs transaction data, payments and expenses, and reconciles my business accounts every month for less than $200. All I have to do is send her bank statements.

At the end of each month, she gives me a P&L on my business. This is a lifesaver. Why?

Because with this data I can quickly see

  • What costs are too high,

  • Where my business is growing,

  • How to make the most of new opportunities.

Hiring an accountant is a MUST for an entrepreneur. Having all of this at my fingertips plus peace of mind at tax time? Sign me up.

Can’t hire an accountant just yet? Setting up Quickbooks HERE or Sage HERE < Affiliate Link to Quickbooks Online and Sage > from the start will help you keep things straight- and make it easier for a professional to take charge down the road.

#2. Hire a Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corner bakery or an IG influencer, you need a Social Media Manager (SMM).


What do they do? A SMM will save you up to four hours a week by:

  • Researching your industry’s tagging practices.

  • Collaborating with you on the BEST way to grow your following.

  • Analyze your metrics and evolve your content to being RESPONSIVE.

  • Connect you to other B2B opportunities.

  • Post your content and manage any comments.

Spend your time focusing on the direction of your business and the relationships you need to move forward...not coming up with clever hashtags.

#3. Hire a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Stressed-out entrepreneurs skip hiring a VA because they don’t understand what a VA can do to help them.

The truth is VAs can give you back hours of your time a week. How?

Imagine how much time you’d save if you no longer had to:

  • Manage your calendar

  • Remind customers to pay their invoices

  • Format and publish posts on your blog

  • Add new or change items in your online store

What’s more, a good general VA can improve your current business by:

  • Transcribing the Audio to your podcasts and uploading it to your site.

  • Organizing and Labeling your files in Dropbox so you can FINALLY find them.

  • Take notes for you while you are consulting with clients so you can concentrate fully on the conversation.

  • Keep your email/contacts lists fresh on your CRM.

  • Follow up with clients by sending thank you notes and gifts.

Once you have a VA, you’ll never go back!


You’ve got vision. Now equip yourself for the follow through. Stop trying to do it all yourself and start thinking smart about your time.

Ready to hire some help you get your business off the ground- but don’t know where or how to look?

In my next post, I’ll break down my tried-and-true tips for:

  • The BEST places to find qualified help.

  • How to create job listings that will attract qualified people for your project.

  • Interviewing independent contractors (everything from graphic designers to web developers).

  • And HOW MUCH you should really spend when you hire out.

Read my guide breaking down the BEST places to hire help online right now HERE. < Link To Article: Best Places to Hire Online 2019 >

Not sure what you need to hire out...or don’t have time to wade through dozens of freelancers to find someone you trust?

One of the perks of working with me on any level is access to my short-listed team of designers, marketing experts, and copy freelancers that I work with and trust. It might seem like such a little thing, but trust me, I can save you months when it comes to finding a great fit for your business.

Check out my coaching services HERE < Link to Monica’s Service Pages > and let’s get started!



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