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2020's Top Websites For Hiring Help Online

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hey ladies! 2020 is the year to turn that vision into reality.

Just remember: it’s NOT your job to do everything yourself!

Successful empire-builders know they need to spend as much time as possible growing and communicating the vision...and to hire out the rest.

I know. You’re thinking….“That’s great…but I don’t even have cash flow yet. I’ll get help later!”

One of the top regrets entrepreneurs have is not hiring help sooner. Don’t try to do it all!

Getting professional help does more than just keep you from feeling stressed.

Hiring out will help you:

  • Learn how to communicate your brand and manage a team

  • Create the framework your venture needs to scale

  • Shift your own mindset from “survival” to “growth”

Still not convinced? Read this HERE < To Do or to Delegate > to learn why top performers start delegating from the very beginning.

New platforms for hiring VA’s, SMM’s, content creators, etc. are created everyday. You want to look for platforms that specialize in connecting you with quality help.

You might not be able to afford hiring out everything right from the start. Instead of just looking for the cheapest option, focus on building a solid team who are all in tune with your vision.

Want to dive in deep to how to build the BEST team for your startup? Read my Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Dream Team, HERE < Link to Ultimate Team Building Guide > where I break down,

  • What’s the actual difference between a VA, SMM, Content Manager, and all those other experts?

  • How to create job listings that will attract qualified people for your project.

  • Interviewing independent contractors (everything from graphic designers to web developers).

  • And HOW MUCH you should really spend when you hire out.

Now..let's get into 2020's best online resources for hiring help:

Best Place to Find a VA

Hiring a VA is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Deciding where to look has a lot to do with

  • What you need help with

  • How much you are willing to commit.

Zirtual is great if you can commit to a monthly plan. This site is more like hiring a traditional secretary, where you choose who to hire and create an ongoing relationship with them. It’s worth it. Having someone who learns your work style and understands your needs makes life so much easier!

If you can’t quite make the leap to monthly, Magic is the next best thing.

I love that this service is text-based, making it easy for me to hand off a task when I’m on the go. Magic charges by the minute and has no contract or commitment...perfect for new entrepreneurs who don’t yet know how much help they’ll need or when.

Best Place to Find a Graphic Designer

Have a vision but don’t know how to format it for web or print?

It’s tempting to ask your neighbor’s kid to do the work to save a little dough. TRUST ME. Don’t do it!! You can get professional help for around the same price online.

99Designs is a GREAT resource for logo, website, and even merchandise design. I love being able to shop around and find portfolios that match the style of the project I’m working on.

Plus, project funds are held in escrow- which means you only release payment when you’re satisfied with the final design.

Best Place to Find a Content Manager

When my clients need a content manager, email strategist, quiz expert, or an expert copywriter, I refer them to my personal contacts...most of which I found through

It’s simple. Post your job listing and then interview applicants to find the best one.

The downside? The platform does have a LOT of freelancers from the Philippines, Thailand, etc so, if you're a US or European based, it does take some vetting to find someone who really knows your market.

Want to save time sorting through freelancers? One of the perks with working with me through ANY of my coaching services is access to my curated list of professionals- people I personally hire and 100% trust in my own businesses. If you’re already thinking of hiring a coach, or need a little help breaking through a barrier in your business, it’s a great resource to have. Learn more about my coaching services HERE. < Link to Monica’s Services >

Best Place to Find a Coach or Consultant

What’s the difference between a consultant and a coach?

A consultant is an expert in helping you navigate a specific problem. If you’re asking questions like…

“How do I get people to engage with my social media?”

“How do I grow my email list?”

“What’s the best way to break into a new market?”

That’s when you need to hire a specialist. The price scares away most new business owners. A consultant will run you $150/hr but can be as high as $700/hr depending upon how complicated your problem is and how involved the consultant is in creating a solution. It’s steep, but the right help will save you thousands as you navigate critical choices.

The best way to find a consultant? Upwork is a great place to start. Even better? Ask your coach for the best leads for your situation.

Don’t have a coach? Get one.

Unlike a consultant, a coach is long-term relationship. They are there by your side to give insight into your own talents, help you grow through challenges, and connect you with the next steps you need to succeed.

A great coach can also help you leverage professional relationships. In short: Networking.

If you’re intimidated or just don’t have the time to browse through websites hoping to find the right fit for your project, your coach can streamline your process by giving you access to the resources they themselves use.

Ready to take the leap? Schedule a free 15 minute consult call HERE < Link to Consult Call > and let’s get started.

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