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5 Secret Triggers All Successful Entrepreneurs Know

If you want to build a successful business, you have to think like a successful business owner.

In coaching, I’ve realized women struggle with a different set of mental narratives than men.


Because, in addition to the challenges everyone faces in business, we’re also up against the stereotypes we’ve heard about ourselves our entire lives. I’ve spoken about these fears before HERE. < Link To 3 Big Fears Article>

We’re held back by fear, but we don’t have to be.

By changing the way we think, by altering our own narrative about who we are and our story, we pave the way for success.

In coaching, we call these “Triggers” or “Mindset Triggers”. The are simple truths that are a part of every successful woman’s approach to business.

These are the five biggest success triggers that all business-building women have discovered:

#1. Everything Takes Longer Than You Think

If there is anything women understand better than men, it’s this: everything takes longer than you think.

You’ve had those days...managing your house, running errands, doing back-end project work. All of the sudden time has evaporated and you haven’t made any meaningful progress.

Everything takes longer than you think. That applies just as much to starting and building your own business.

Startups fail because they fail to plan for this fact of life. After launch, you only have a certain amount of time to create enough revenue to stay afloat. You are wasting time if you don’t have realistic calendar and schedule.

Successful entrepreneurs know this and plan for it.

Want to know how much a business plan can change your chances of survival? In this article HERE < Internal Link To Business Plan Article > I break down why you think you don’t need one...and why you’re wrong.

#2. Be Resilient

Mental toughness is a HUGE hang up for my clients.

As women, we work so hard to get to where we are. It hurts all the more when we face criticism or failure. Truth is you need to start to invite failure, learn to expect it and learn how to move forward from it. Your failures can be more valuable than your wins if you are ready to embrace it.

Being able to rebound is critical to survival in business.

My two-step approach to developing mental toughness?

First, step back and acknowledge criticism or failure. Is it constructive? Are there ‘teachable moments’ hidden in the pain? If not, make light of it and move on. Don’t spend energy dwelling on internet trolls or jealous co-working colleagues.

This is a HUGE source of power for not just entrepreneurs, but career women. Women who’ve made it to the top are under a lot of fire. Mental toughness? It’s key.

Second, develop your willpower. I recommend reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and following his plan to create willpower-boosting habits in your everyday life. Go HERE < Link To 5 Articles Blog > to check out my recommended the 5 books I recommend to every female entrepreneur.

#3. Focus On High Value Work

New entrepreneur sabotage, trying to save money by doing things they don't specialize in.

You won’t catch Martha Stewart posting her own social media during a launch. She hires someone qualified who is an expert in turning social media into profit.

Understand the ROI (return on Investment) for each task you hire out.

Hiring a social media manager seem unnecessary? Understand what you are giving up by not hiring a specialist.

Why do women struggle so much with this?!?

Your time is valuable. Services like Zirtual and Upwork exist for a reason!

Focus on work that facilitates growth and brings in the money.

In this guide HERE < Link to Build Team Article > I break down all how I delegate in my own businesses, the best places to find great help, and how to hire an AMAZING team.

#4. It’s Your Fault

Shit happens. Call it fate, destiny, bad luck...whatever.

It doesn’t matter how it happens, the important thing is how you react.

Do you best to plan for the possible outcomes, but don’t blame others when things go wrong. Women as a majority suffer from guilt and guilt around money. Take responsibility as the leader for unhappy employees, chances taken that didn't work out, or it becomes a huge detractor from getting to your goal. Invite mistakes and give yourself permission to let it go.

True leaders hold themselves accountable. Taking responsibility means acknowledging what you could’ve done better in hindsight and moving on.

#5. Know Yourself

When you aren’t your best, neither is your work.

(Alpha Queens, I’m looking at you!)

You aren’t an endless well of energy and inspiration. You have two choices: Be real with yourself or burn out.

They say success is a marathon, not a sprint. As much as we want to compartmentalize our business and our personal lives, the challenges we face in one bleed over into the other.

No one is going to judge you for taking a step back, a day off, or putting things on pause to regroup. You have to take care of yourself first.

Ready to unlock your own business superpowers...or need help knowing where to just let go? I help entrepreneurs set a straight path to success. Schedule your free 15 consult call HERE < Link To Consult Call > and let’s get started!

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